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"The search for a new, modern guitar having the depth and warmth of a vintage instrument is a seemingly endless journey for a musician today. Kent Chasson has provided us all with that journey's end." -Doug Wamble


"I'm going to have this Chasson for a very long time to the intense envy of my other picking buddies and friends. For such a young instrument the sustain is nothing short of remarkable.The voicing is fantastic, not a Martin knockoff, not a Virginia bluegrass special, but a universal guitar sound: strong, clear, resonant tones up and down the neck." -Bob K.


"Working directly with Kent to design the guitar was wonderful - an experience of another era where craftsmanship and the relationship between luthier and musician were central.”   -Rodd Pemble

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You can often find my guitars at one of these fine stores:

Mandolin Brothers in New York City (Staten Island)

The Acoustic Music Company in Brighton, England.


Peter Skandera playing his arrangement of Amazing Grace on his Chasson Cedar/Walnut Classic

Amazing Grace

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He's playing a Chasson Sitka/Santos Mahogany Auditorium.


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